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I finally got my internet back.

2009-03-25 04:55:46 by Epicfox64

I have returned newgrounds. I havn't been on lately due to my internet dying on me and then my computer dying right after that but I'm back after a re-install of windows and i should be making more music soon. To all my fans whom have been hoping to see more of my stuff, I'm sorry for the delay.


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2009-03-25 05:25:53

i have returned from you moms house and she love it! in A hole

(Updated ) Epicfox64 responds:

lulz you suck, honestly almost as bad as your mother did when she sucked me off last night, and that was horrible she tried using her teeth so I had to slap her a few times which is why you heard the screams coming from her room as you touched yourself to it. now that is what I call ownage.