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Enjoy my newest songs newgrounds. I made them for you.

I'm back with new shit

2013-03-18 21:34:29 by Epicfox64

I have returned to newgrounds. :I

Brand new beat.

2009-04-19 13:29:52 by Epicfox64

I bring you searching in the dark, my newest beat and as you can tell I'm getting better as time goes on.

I have returned newgrounds. I havn't been on lately due to my internet dying on me and then my computer dying right after that but I'm back after a re-install of windows and i should be making more music soon. To all my fans whom have been hoping to see more of my stuff, I'm sorry for the delay.

Another day and a new start.

2009-03-01 03:03:12 by Epicfox64

Half awake stoned and made a new song, that I think is one of my bests. Now all I have to do is get my shit heard outside of newgrounds and into the real world. hopefully I can pull it off, wish me luck newgrounds?

I've found my hero of electro.

2009-02-18 14:17:39 by Epicfox64

His name is Dirty South and shit just got crazier. Here have a listen. Km30

My goal

2009-02-18 12:12:21 by Epicfox64

My current goal is to become a dj in canada, once I become well enough known and my skills are good enough I'm going to try to get my stuff heard on digitally imported for the whole world to hear. To my current fans so far, thank you for all your support and enjoyment of my songs. It really does mean a lot to me that you enjoy it. Anyways, I plan on doing some more remixes (defiantly old school systems) then you'll hear some new stuff of my own creation.

I'm finally getting noticed.

2009-02-12 19:39:29 by Epicfox64

Woot I'm finally becoming noticed by newgrounds. This is good news for me and I'm glad your enjoying my remixes and songs. Expect a lot more from me newgrounds, a lot more.

Greetings to you all. I plan on making lots of music, hopefully full of bass kick and boom (gotta love the boom) anyways, thus being said I should be going crazy with my songs as the days go by.